Meet the Team

Passionate about Graphic Design and Cartography

Koen Adams

I love being as creative as I can, whether the task on hand is drawing a map, building a website or writing in words and code.

Hans van der Maarel

Passionate about maps and other visual stuff like photography. When he gets lost he says he's "exploring"...

Veerle Goossens

Always trying to think out of the box and go for that extra mile. Very grateful for maps in her life, without them she probably would be lost.
Woman preparing for the journey

Our Story

‘One Stop and you’ll have the perfect Map’

That’s why it all started in early 2013. Easy access to beautiful and accurate maps, fair prices and a huge library to pick from.

With more than 20 years of cartography and graphic design under the belt the map library quickly grow to more than 500 maps.

In January 2018 One Stop Map joined forces with Hans van der Maarel from Red Geographics. New map styles like Formal and Naturalist were born. With Hans we welcomed another passionated cartographer who is an expert in the field and will make sure One Stop Map delivers the best maps available online.

The map itself won’t change that fast, but the world does. And so in 2019 we welcome Veerle Goossens to make the customer journey easier for people with or without a passion for maps. Besides that, we now have even more time to do what we love the most: creating maps in different styles, with different information but always with the same passion.